Ximending boutique hotel

One of my high school classmates answer read a year, this year’s college entrance examination, he was the sports talented students, so in April Xi’an Physical Education University examination. After the bus ride to come from Ankang City, they are next to the Ximending Boutique Hotel Institute in Xi’an, probably in for a week. I have no class on Wednesday, so save come and have a look at him, I was in Xianyang, take the subway back to more than an hour, and then look for the Ximending boutique hotel for a long time did not see, and then I use Baidu map search, find the bus, and then transfer to line, to a village called edge place, finally saw Ximending Boutique Hotel, and then we go to eat a meal, after two days will be a test, want him to come on, you can get a good result.