Ximending accommodation

This time, go Ximending accommodation, I still feel very good, although it can only be said to be in Ximending accommodation for two days, but I think these two days has been enough, because I would have to book a day, but later thought for a moment, as if time really is too tight, and I still look at Ximending accommodation, get the job done is the most important, I also went to Ximending this trip, although I say that there is a very familiar, but I still have to do some preparation in advance, because the ready, a business trip, it will not be too much of a rush myself, because even in Ximending accommodation, so I would like a place to stay is to be pre-arranged, to be otherwise, do not know where to stay when you want to, and so I put these things arranged after, I set out to Ximending